New Year, New Look @ Mainstreet Flower Market

by Hannah Shain January 04, 2016

Main Street Flower Market

Hi! My name is Hannah (pictured left) and that is my beautiful mom, Karen (right). A little bird may have mentioned to you that there's been a bit of change in 2015. If you haven't heard yet, we (my mom and I) are proud new owners of the Mainstreet Flower Market. We're so thrilled to join the Parker Mainstreet Neighborhood!

With just 2 weeks under our feet, we just couldn't wait to get in and start cleaning up the space. The big LOVE day, Valentine's Day that is, is just around the corner. Any florist will tell you that's just about the busiest day for flowers in the USA! We can't wait to start crafting a full array of beautiful arrangements from roses to lilies to peonies.  

If you're reading this blog and thinking, "Hey, now's as good time as any for me to arrange for my Valentine's to receive a special bouquet, SHOP HERE." And be sure to get your orders in early. 

 In the coming weeks, I look forward to evolving our store as I sample new fragrances, smell new candles, and peruse some new cards to fill our little shop with the love and laughter my mom and I set out to create. Ideas? Wishes? Need help planning for flowers at your next event or wedding? Let me know!!

Hannah Shain
Hannah Shain


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