Love is the Air - The 9 Most Popular Flowers to Say I Love You

by Hannah Shain January 04, 2016

Love is in the air. Roses, chocolate hearts, cards and kisses will be exchanged this coming weekend, all in concerted effort to tell our significant others across the nation those three little words: I LOVE YOU. But why is that everytime our guys think, “OH, flowers!” they immediately consider Red Roses? Don’t get me wrong, classics are classics. But I’m here to offer you 9 alternatives to the traditional bouquet for valentines that still scream romance. It’s the 411 on how to best shop for that perfect bouquet and knock it out of the park this year.

Here’s the top 9 flowers your loved ones will just adore:

  1. PINK ROSES, wrapped in craft paper. The subtle shade down from a rich and traditional red, offers elegance, alongside the sweet aroma. Pink wrapped in craft paper keeps the fresh market, natural and organic look, she’ll adore!!

  2. LILIES, purple, coral or white, have a tropical look to them along with romance. Give these to your Valentine and they’ll be reminded of their honeymoons or beach vacations with you!

  3. DAHLIAS in a bright pink or deep marsala, offer an edgier look to the traditional bouquet. The variety of colors that dahlias offer keep the bouquets vibrant and will look beautiful displayed in the home.

  4. SPRAY ROSES in a light pink or blush color, are a nice mix with traditional roses adding dimension to bouquets of a dozen or more. Although tiny in size, they'll carry a BIG wow, in a full bouquet.

  5. LAVENDER smells amazing and is such a fun (and trendy) flower to give to your loved one. Their home will smell amazing for days, keeping you top of mind every time they walk in the room.

  6. TULIPS are a surprisingly upbeat and cheerful flower, and with Spring right around the corner, why not?

  7. HYDRANGEAS in a deep, luscious plum are not only romantic, but unexpected. It’s no wonder so many brides choose this flower for their bouquets; how much more romantic can you get?!

  8. IRIS, again in a dark purple, are a brilliant choice for Valentine’s Day, creating a unique display of tall and beautiful flowers, definitely offering that ‘awe’ moment when she first sees them.

  9. PEONIES (my personal favorite) in a hot pink are perfectly paired with a mason jar and handmade Valentine. As they bloom, they offer more and more beauty, showing your loved one for days just how much you care.

It’s not too late to get your orders in. Shop for Valentine’s Today.


Hannah Shain
Hannah Shain


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