“I Told Ya So” -- Reviews of Mainstreet Flower Market

by Hannah Shain January 04, 2016

"There’s a new restaurant, in a hip neighborhood. 5 Star Rating, over 300 reviews, and it’s been featured on Diners, Drive-Ins, and Dives on The Food Network."

Are you salivating yet?

We’re creatures of habit and referral. And that’s ok. It’s in our DNA as buyers, especially in today’s market of options (and more options), to seek out top reviews.

Your girlfriend’s opinion about the dress for the evening, or your husband’s opinion about the curtains for the living room, or even the Yelp ratings for the new coffee shop around the corner ... those opinions matter to you. At Mainstreet Flower Market, we honor the community’s opinion, especially as a small, local business in Parker, CO.

I’m delighted to launch our brand new customer testimonials page. I hope to share how humbly honored we are from our customer’s raving reviews. On Facebook, Yelp and The Knot, we are hearing from our customers their delight for the everyday flower arrangement, special gifts on Valentine’s, and full package of wedding flowers. Thank you for sharing your opinions with the community, and helping a local business continue to thrive.

Have you had a great experience recently? I challenge you share your story on your favorite site (Yelp, LinkedIN, Facebook and Google+ are all great places to start). And hey, if you’ve received an arrangement from Mainstreet Flower Market recently, be sure to let your friends know just how lovely it was.

Keep the community informed. Share with your friends. Shop local.

Love and Gratitude,

Hannah & The Mainstreet Flower Market Florists

Hannah Shain
Hannah Shain


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