3 How-To’s to Pick the Perfect Wedding Bouquet

by Hannah Shain January 04, 2016

Here’s the challenge for you brides to-be: Pick the exact right bouquet for your wedding that you’re going to love for an entire day. And perhaps more importantly, a bouquet you’re going to love when you look back at just about every single photo.

The options your wedding designer will offer you may feel wildly overwhelming. Who knew so many types of bouquets were available, ranging from Pomander to Cascading, or Posy to Nosegay, or Composite to Arm Sheath, and so on. It’s an important decision. The walk down the aisle, the wedding photos, the style to rest of your theme. It all needs to coordinate. And long gone are the simple days of choosing just the color, or just the type of flower. Planning the flowers at your wedding all start with the perfect bridal bouquet. Lucky for you, we’ve learned a few tricks of the trade to get you started:

Let's Break it Down to 3 Simple Steps:

1) Are you going for classy & formal or non-traditional?

Classy & Formal

For the more formal setting, let’s say evening weddings with an elegant and high-class theme. Imagine the ballroom reception, black-tie and ballgown attire with a jazz band, or string quartet. If the idea of a classic princess wedding is for you, then a tightly bunched bouquet is a good match. Get minimal variance in the types of flowers, or even a bouquet with all the same flower, and coordinating colors. Calla Lilies, Roses, Anemones and Peonies work well, all on their own. As for bouquet types - view below the Posy, Nosegay and Composite bouquet styles.

Rustic & Free-Spirited

Are the classics really not your thing? Are you planning the more down-to-earth, outdoorsy, natural scenery-type of wedding? Whether that wedding is a hoedown in a beautiful old farm, or outdoors in the Rocky Mountains, you’re likely looking for a bouquet of flowers that pop with color and excitement. Bright pinks, corals, fuchsias and marsalas, have all been really popular this year, alongside deeper accents of turquoise, plum and navy. Of course, to counter balance all of the color, several of our brides mix in the naturals, including strands of hay, jute, pincushions, billie-balls, succulents and even pine cones. 

Be bold with these trendy and unexpected accents. Try the rustic and free-spirited flower arrangements in the Organic, Arm Sheath or Crescent bouquet style.


2) How do you want to hold it? 


Let’s get down to some logistical basics. While it might seem obsolete to consider how you’re going to hold your bouquet, you can trust me that you’ll be thankful that you considered this small detail early on. If you know now that you need to be able to easily lift that bouquet with one hand, definitely go for a bouquet type that has the stems tightly wound with ribbons and wiring. The Posy, Pomander, Nosegay and Composite bouquets are easy to handle and even easier to pick up single-handed. 

Doesn’t Matter

If that’s not a concern for you -- definitely consider the alternatives. Cascading bouquets are often captured best in photos if you’re holding them in front of your chest, with both hands. Arm sheaths, as the name would suggest, is like carrying a baby in your arms. Both are elegant, and offer an opportunity to keep long stems and overflowing of blooming flowers. They just require a bit more attention to how they’re held. 

3) Last - Do you want a toss bouquet or display bouquet?

Toss it

OK wild thing. Before you party with your gals at the reception and dance the night away -- consider talking with your wedding designer about a matching (and smaller) toss bouquet. If you’ve built in time at the reception for a bouquet toss, be sure to prepare a matching version of your bouquet, just smaller. Smaller is not only more aerodynamic, but it weighs less too! This means more hang time in the air, more ladies clamoring over on another trying to play fetch, and you get to keep your beautiful bouquet safe and sound.

Personal opinion on this one - the best bouquets to toss will be the Nosegay, Pomander and Posy.

Show it off

By reading this blog alone, you’ve invested quite a bit of time designing that perfect bouquet. Add in the time you’ll spend flipping through magazines and pinning pins, and this bouquet is worth more than the hard cash you’ve paid for. Put the time and energy you’ve spent on choosing this beautiful arrangement and craft a special display for the reception. Perhaps your Sweetheart’s table or bridal party table can have a special spot in the centerpiece for display, or as a centerpiece on the cake table or name card table. Below are pictures of creative ways to recycle your bouquet at the reception. 

Best bouquet types for this option: Organic, Crescent, Arm Sheath and Cascading.

Hannah Shain
Hannah Shain


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