Parker's Farmers Market - Yep! We're There!

by Hannah Shain January 04, 2016

You know why I love summer so much? I think it's a combination of hot weather, Palisade Peaches, shorts and sandals and of course the annual tradition of the Farmer's Market. Now I went to school up in Boulder and have a very jaded opinion that Boulder's Farmer's Market is by far, tried-and-true, the best Farmer's Market in Colorado. (And there still is a loyal piece in my heart that wants to believe that) -- But boy-oh-boy have I been surprised by the little town of Parker. They might be small, but they sure do house a mighty Farmer's Market. 

Every Sunday from 8AM to 1PM for the past seven summers, Parker, Colorado has been hosting over 70 vendors at their weekly market. While the Mainstreet shuts down, the pop-up shops open up. For the first summer [EVER], Mainstreet Flower Market has decided to setup shop alongside the others. 

Over the past few weeks, we have met a handful of people thrilled to see us out on the street, and even more shocked to introduce our store to folks that have been coming to the market for years. "Yes! We're Mainstreet Flower Market. And Yes! We're located right here on Mainstreet!" 

So, to say the least, we're so excited to give this market a go and offer a few brand new specials! Stop by next week (or any Sunday for the next few weeks) and ask us about our Mason Jar Bouquets! The mason jars are a personal favorite of ours, making for nice and casual bouquet to pick up at the market and decorate the kitchen table with for the coming week. 

And the Sunflowers this season! Man, they are just beautiful, huge, bright and cheery. The Sunflowers mixed in with a  bunch of other wildflowers from daisies to lavender, and roses to ranunculus. It's just the perfect combination for the Farmer's Market. Thank you, Parker Farmer's Market for hosting us! We just love it!

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Hannah Shain
Hannah Shain


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