by Ryan Morales January 30, 2016

…Is to be shared. Love is a gesture of one soul to another.
To experience love is a special, often, once in a life time
bond between two people. To share your love is vital aspect
of life, joy, and happiness. If you have the ability to provide a
happy moment to someone, do it. To understand the
importance of sharing your love; Is to understand the power
of being genuine. Ask yourself, who do you love? Do you tell
them? It does not have to be an affectionate love, just a love
that is authentic and from the heart. To be thoughtful, caring,
and kind; can often times become a gesture they pay forward
to others they love. Do not be afraid to love. Do not fear
rejection. Enjoy sharing your love. Love with your spouse,
your children, your family, your pets, your co-workers, and
associates. To love is to create peace to your world. If we can
all love, we can all live a prosperous, meaningful life.

Ryan Morales
Ryan Morales


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